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Featured New York Life Agent: Pamela Jackson

Agent, Greater Chicago General Office

For 28 Years, Pamela Jackson, now an Agent in the Greater Chicago General Office served as an administrative assistant to a highly successful New York Life Agent, Kenneth Lewis. As she watched Lewis interact with his clients, educating them and helping them achieve financial security, Pamela thought to herself, “I can do this and be good at it.”

A teacher by training, Pamela told Lewis and his manager that she was interested in a career with New York Life. They both encouraged her, and before she knew it she was signing her New York Life contract in February 1985. Her transition was fairly smooth. The training was excellent, she notes. “Additionally, having been around the Company for 28 years I was familiar with the culture.”

Walking the walk

“You can watch someone be an Agent, but it’s not the same, as being one yourself,” she notes. “With my background, I knew I could educate people, but I had to go out and do it.” She did. Throughout her career, Pamela has achieved the Company’s Executive Council status, consistently selling over 100 Life cases a year.

Pamela knew she made the right career choice when, early on, she delivered her first death claim to a family whose young son died in an accident. The death benefit allowed the parents to pay for his funeral expenses. “When I delivered that check, I knew right then my job made sense. I wasn’t just selling a product. This career means something and you are actually making a difference in people’s lives.”

Endless rewards

When asked why she would join New York Life today, she doesn’t hesitate. “The rewards and never ending,” she says. “The main reason is helping people solve their financial problems. It’s what has kept me in the business.”

There’s also the flexibility the career offers. Soon after Pamela joined the Company, her mother became ill and passed away, leaving her to raise her then 14-year old brother alone. “It wasn’t easy, but the flexibility of being an Agent really helped. I knew I could work hard and then take care of my other responsibilities,” she says.

“Finally, one of the best things about this Company is the family atmosphere,” she concludes. “Throughout my New York Life career, both at our General Office and Council meetings, I’ve met so many wonderful people.”

Entering her 28th year as an Agent, Pamela is reaping the rewards of years of good service. Many of her clients’ children are calling, seeking to build financial foundations. “I always try to connect with my clients’ kids, sending birthday cards, etc. Now they are calling me, saying, ‘We have to talk about tomorrow.’ That’s just wonderful.”

Why New York Life?

For nearly 170 years, New York Life has provided financial security to families and businesses, and supports the success of its employees. New York Life offers an innovative workplace.

In fact, New York Life was recognized by Working Mother Magazine as a 2012 Best Company for Multicultural Women and named by the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) to the 2012 NAFE Top 50 Companies for Executive Women list. The company also earned Profiles in Diversity Journal’s 2013 Diversity Leader Award and has been named a “Top Company for LGBT Equality” by Work Life Matters magazine for 2012.

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