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Featured New York Life Insurance Agent: Barbara Bobbin - Wilkinson

Barbara Bobbin Wilkinson

Nestled in Southern Ocean County New Jersey is the quaint, historic town of Tuckerton. Also known as "Clamtown" for its once bustling seaport community, Tuckerton is the kind of small town where you know everyone in town, and visitors come to stroll the Main Street, go fishing, crabbing and kayaking... or to simply relax and enjoy a slower pace of life. "We are Main Street USA," says Chairman's Council Agent Barbara Bobbin-Wilkinson, South Jersey Office, of the town she has called home since the early 90's. "It's a very homey town. Many of my clients are small, seasonal businesses owners - mainly mom-and-pop shops - as well as families."

With her office right in town, it's no surprise to Barbara when an occasional prospect or client strolls in off the street to discuss their needs. But sometimes, even in a sleepy little sea town, life can throw you an unexpected delight.

She recalls, "My administrative assistant came into my office and said, 'There's a couple downstairs that would like to open an IRA.' When I got downstairs, however, they wanted to talk about many financial issues."

"It turned out that they walked in because they saw the New York Life sign. The woman said, 'My grandfather was a top-producing New York Life Agent for many years, as was my father. I grew up with the New York Life family.' She continued, jokingly, 'I let my husband talk me into purchasing insurance with another company many years ago, but you know, they have changed hands, as well as their name, several times. It's unnerving. New York Life has never once changed their name, or their values. We know they were around when my grandfather worked there and still are, and we want to bring our business to New York Life.'"

"The woman's grandfather, I later found out, was Alexander Dumas," says Barbara. "He was President of the Top Club (equivalent to the title of Council President today, which recognizes the Company's highest producing Agent annually) in 1934 - a longtime Agent, and very successful. I was so honored to be working with her, and that she had come back to New York Life! She even brought in her grandfather's gavel from his Presidency, as well as copies of the Company's quarterly magazine - The NYLIC Review - from 1934 and the early 60's."

"Surprisingly, The NYLIC Review many years ago is actually similar in style to the magazine today - it hasn't changed much. To me, this shows consistency and confirms that once New York Life has a good thing, they stick to it."

"Now," says Barbara, "The woman and her husband are my clients. It's amazing to think that they live in this small town and we never met before. But the economy, and the uncertainty of other companies futures led them into my office, and back to New York Life."

"I made the decision to join New York Life 18 years ago, and I am so glad that I did - our Agents stay in it for the long haul. For me, the experience cemented that New York Life Agents and their families are just as committed to the Company as I am, and the longevity and spirit of the it is as strong today as it was in 1934."

New York Life has been keeping our promises to our policyholders for nearly two centuries. We are proud of our longtime history and financial strength.


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