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Lissete and Felipe Montes de Oca: Building a legacy of love

Lissete and Felipe Montes de Oca

Lissete and Felipe Montes de Oca wrote their love story the way many other couples do: They fell in love, got married and set out to buy a home and start a family. The children of Cuban immigrants, they had learned from their parents the value of hard work: While Lissete worked as an accountant, Felipe established a small contracting business that eventually became a thriving home building enterprise. He was good at building houses and also long-lasting relationships with his clients, many of whom became family friends.

In 1996, New York Life Insurance Company agent Pedro J. Busse, a friend and cousin of the Montes de Oca, approached the couple to discuss ways to help ensure financial protection for their family and their future. A new Agent at the time, the Montes de Oca family became the very first policy Pedro sold. Little did he imagine that it would become the first of several steps the couple would take throughout the years toward building a legacy of love … one that would keep the family going even during the toughest of times.

Lissete and Felipe had two boys, Felipe, Jr. and Lucas. Together they found many opportunities to travel, play, learn new hobbies and host parties for friends and families. During a family ski trip, Felipe fell ill and was diagnosed with leukemia soon after. After three years battling the disease and undergoing extensive medical treatment, Felipe passed away, surrounded by his beloved family and the support of many friends.

Pedro would never forget that day. He says, “The day Felipe died, I was the only one who showed up with a check; everyone else showed up with a charge.”

The role of all New York Life Agents is to stay in touch with their clients, so that the appropriate levels of financial protection are made available to them throughout all life stages and events. Pedro did just that, and his dedication to bring peace of mind to the Montes de Ocas paid off. Today, Lissete and the children are able to maintain their lifestyle and continue their education, travel and leisure plans.

Consider this: A national survey conducted in early 2010 by New York Life Insurance Company and Ipsos Public Affairs reveals that most Latinos (77%), want to provide financial protection for their families, the way the Montes de Ocas did. However, nearly half of the surveyed said they don’t have the information they need to make financial decisions. That is why we're significantly increasing the number of financial professionals who can serve the booming Latino community, helping to build a safer economic future, one family at a time.