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Opportunities at New York Life

Our customers live all across America. Their financial needs vary. Their family status, income levels, priorities and goals in life vary. To meet those needs, we have an extensive variety of products and services. Our large network of sales offices and service centers means you don’t need to go far to find a New York Life opportunity. There’s probably an agent in your community. Maybe someone you know. Our company is organized so that employees, whether they are in the New York City corporate headquarters, or in a sales office in Wichita, understand how they contribute to our ultimate goal: serving our policyholders. Here’s how we work:

Business Areas

The Insurance Group

The Insurance Group develops, markets, and manages our life and long-term care insurance products, and provides finance, service and technology support. Also included are our insurance operations in Mexico.

Through our 12,000 career agents, we sell our products primarily to middle income, affluent and high net worth families and businesses. We also sell our products directly to customers through a partnership with AARP, as well as through trade associations and independent brokers.

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The Investments Group

The Investments Group offers an array of products designed for both individual and institutional and investors, including a full range of retirement products and mutual funds. In addition, it manages the investment of a majority of New York Life’s General Account, which consists primarily of assets that support our insurance and annuity products.

The marketing, financial management, service and technology infrastructure that supports these products and services also resides within the Investments Group.

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Agency Operations

Our agency field force, more than 12,000 agents strong, is the company’s primary distribution channel. There are large and small sales offices nationwide, with both sales agents and support staff, who directly serve our customers. Agency Operations is responsible for agent training, recruitment and development, and field operations management.

New York Life agents are recognized as among the best-trained in the industry. Continually growing a network of professionals—the people behind our brand—is the best way we know to help more people build financial security.

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Corporate Administration

This core group includes central systems infrastructure and IT standards, security, real estate, procurement and related services, as well as the New York Life Foundation.

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Here is a sample of roles you may find in this area:

  • Application development
  • Audit
  • Community volunteer coordination and grant-making
  • Information architecture and engineering
  • Procurement

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance plays a critical oversight role, supporting the financial strength and integrity of the company. This division includes the Office of the Chief Actuary, the Treasurer and Controller’s Office. Together they oversee enterprise accounting, financial reporting and related systems controls.

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Here is a sample of roles you may find in this area:

  • Accounting and actuarial
  • Financial planning and forecasting
  • Risk management
  • Securities and finance
  • Tax and treasury

Office of the General Counsel

The company operates in a very complex legal and regulatory environment, which is why this area is so vital to our success. The Office of the General Counsel provides legal services for all business areas, provides advice and guidance to the company’s business units and profit centers and oversees subsidiary legal operations.

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Here is a sample of roles you may find in this area:

  • Commerce and intellectual property
  • Corporate governance
  • Litigation
  • Privacy
  • Tax

Office of Governmental Affairs

Having good relationships with both state and federal legislators is important, particularly given the fact that the insurance business is so highly regulated. The Office of Governmental Affairs manages these relationships with the regulatory community and oversees the New York Life Political Action Committee and Grassroots program. Roles in this area are for Legislative Analysts.

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Human Resources, Strategy, and Communications

Focusing both inside and outside the company, this area includes overall corporate strategy coordination and brand management, as well as human resources, which includes talent management, diversity, compensation and benefits.

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Here is a sample of roles you may find in this area:

  • Advertising and brand management
  • Benefits strategy and administration
  • Business analytics and strategic planning
  • Communications professionals
  • Employee relations
  • Human Resources business partners
  • Talent Acquisition