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Job description: Sales manager

A career in management: Pursuing a management career enables people to multiply their ability to make a difference in people's lives. Unless you have extensive management experience with another insurance and financial company, most of our Managers begin their company career as Agents.

Our Agency/General Office Managers are the company's leaders in cities and towns across the country; men and women who play the key role in recruiting and developing Agents, and enhancing the company's reputation locally.

A management career may be for you if you:

  • Enjoy building and leading a team of Agents, trainers, administrators and other Managers
  • Find satisfaction in helping other people succeed
  • Want to be recognized as a leader within your community

As one Manager said, "In this role I can measure my success by how many people I help succeed. I can do more of what I entered the insurance business to do-- solve more problems, help more people and touch more lives."

Here's what you'll do as a Manager:

  • Learn effective recruiting sources and techniques
  • Find and select high quality candidates to become New York Life Agents
  • Train new Agents in all aspects of life insurance and financial sales and service in the classroom, one-on-one sessions and in client meetings
  • Provide coaching and guidance to new Agents on developing their business practice
  • Work with other Managers on the team to help the office grow

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