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Working at New York Life.

Our corporate culture.

How a company feels is important to consider as you search for career opportunities. You’ll be spending a lot of time at your new company—you want it to be a good fit. And New York Life feels differently from other companies. We’re passionate about serving our customers. We collaborate. We give back. We deliver our best, but never at the expense of our values. If those things are important to you, then consider working for New York Life. We’ve been doing business like this for nearly 170 years, and we keep getting better.

We think that working for a mutual company makes a difference. Learn why.

Nine ways to say, “We’re in it together.”

So, what makes New York Life tick? We’ve boiled it down to nine qualities. They describe us at our best—how we make decisions, how we serve our customers, and most important, how we continue our legacy of success. Join us, and help us to “Keep Good Going.”

  1. Accountability. We bring our “A” game, are prepared, and know our stuff.
  2. Authenticity. We have candid discussions with colleagues at all levels, do the right thing, and act with integrity.
  3. Community. We work collaboratively and understand that our individual successes depend on others.
  4. Conviction. We have a deep and heartfelt passion about our work and the company’s success.
  5. Growth. We continually raise the bar, challenging ourselves and others to do more and perform better.
  6. Impact. We aren’t just working hard; we’re focused on what we’re achieving.
  7. Insight. We are all responsible for understanding our business strategies, business areas, and markets.
  8. Legacy. We honor and respect the long history and legacy of our company.
  9. Permanence. We embrace the roles we play in shaping our company’s future.
Diversity and inclusion.

A diverse organization is rich with different perspectives, approaches to our work and, above all, opportunities. It’s open. It’s flexible. It’s respectful. That’s what being diverse and inclusive means to us. Beyond valuing the differences among people such as ethnicity, gender, religion, level of ability, or sexual orientation, diversity at New York Life produces the best possible results for our people, our business, and our community. And that just makes us stronger.

We’ve been recognized for our diverse workplace. Find out where.

And you’ll find that at New York Life, employees get involved and stay engaged. The following organizations were started by and for employees. Employees and Agents volunteer to host networking events, seminars, and special guest speakers, raise funds for worthy causes, and mentor their colleagues.

  • African American Employee Resource Group
  • Asian Resource Group
  • Disabled Employees Resource Group (ENABLE)
  • Hispanic/Latino Resource Group (The Latino Connection)
  • Veterans (NYL Vets)
  • Women (Women’s Leadership Group)
Corporate social responsibility.

Being there when we’re needed is what our New York Life is all about. That same spirit and commitment to others extends to those in need in communities across the nation where our Agents and employees live and work. Our Foundation and Corporate Responsibility department gives grants to nonprofit organizations and runs several programs which support the philanthropic work of our employees and Agents.

Educational enhancements.

Tomorrow’s world will eventually be in the hands of today’s young people. To support them, the New York Life Foundation concentrates its funding on programs that help eighth graders get to ninth grade on time. Studies show that entering high school well-prepared significantly increases students’ chances of graduating and moving on to college.

The Foundation recently made a four-year, $4-million commitment to After-School All-Stars to expand their dynamic program to six new cities across the country.

Childhood bereavement.

It is estimated that one in seven American youngsters will lose a parent, sibling, or other beloved person before the age of 20. Dealing with loss early in life has a lasting impact on kids, and many end up suffering in silence. Since 2007, the New York Life Foundation has invested and committed more than $20 million to programs and organizations that support grieving children.

The Foundation works with the largest bereavement camp providers in the nation: Comfort Zone Camp and Camp Erin (a program of the Moyer Foundation). Both camps give grieving children a chance to attend camp with other young people who have experienced a similar loss.

Volunteers for good.

Whether it’s collecting food for the hungry, teaching a child to read, or volunteering as “Big Buddies” at childhood bereavement camps, New York Life Agents and employees answer the call. In 2013, thousands of employees and Agents across the nation donated over 48,000 hours. If you want to get involved and give back, there’s a project waiting for you.

The company sets aside one month a year as a Month of Service. In 2013, thousands of Agents and employees participated across the country to support childhood bereavement organizations.

Each year, Agents and employees make donations to nonprofit organizations and schools across the nation through the company’s “Give for Good” campaign. In 2013, they pledged $4.8 million to 3,023 organizations and schools.

Corporate governance.

When you buy life insurance, annuities, or other products that can help secure your financial future, do you want the company you’re doing business with to tell you it probably will pay those benefits? Of course not! Security and peace of mind require a guarantee—something New York Life has been delivering to people since 1845. To ensure that we continue to keep our promises, we adhere to the highest standards of business conduct and corporate governance.

Oversight begins with our customer-elected board of directors, almost all of whom are not New York Life employees. The board advises senior management on governance matters such as investment and business strategies; risk management and business continuity; regulatory compliance; executive compensation; and sales and financial reporting.

Our code of conduct book is aptly titled “Integrity.” While the board and executive management team set policies and standards, all company employees and Agents are expected to follow them in letter and spirit. To this end, everyone receives ongoing education and training on topics such as ethics, privacy and other business practices.

When policy owner Paul Maloney was diagnosed with cancer he needed help. Read how New York Life provided a lifeline.

Environmental sustainability.

We live green. We work green. Making a commitment to environmental sustainability is a no-brainer: It’s simply the right thing to do. The insurance business is about preparing for whatever may lie ahead, and caring for the environment requires the same long-term perspective. We’re securing the futures of families every day, but what kind of future will there be if our natural resources are critically depleted?

New York Life works to reduce its impact on the environment through the following initiatives:

  • Reducing energy consumption associated with operating our buildings and data centers
  • Encouraging electronic communication instead of print when permitted, appropriate, and feasible
  • Adhering to or exceeding applicable recycling guidelines in the communities where we do business
  • Encouraging our employees to embrace environmentally friendly behaviors at home, too

In 2010, New York Life developed a Carbon Footprint Inventory Management System, and created a greenhouse gas inventory based on data from the company’s facilities. Our carbon footprint, as well as our consumption of paper and other resources, is monitored and measured for improvement.