Areas of Interest

New York Life Foundation: Nurturing the Children

In 1998, the New York Life Foundation decided to devote the majority of its resources to helping organizations and programs aimed at improving the lives of young people. The Foundation launched an initiative called Nurturing the Children. This initiative continues today and focuses on:

Educational Enhancement

We fund programs that enhance and augment classroom instruction during the critical out-of-school (after-school and summer) hours. We support programs that help prepare young people for higher education and the workplace and equip them to be responsible citizens.

Childhood Bereavement

The New York Life Foundation has long been focused on serving children in need. In 2008, the Foundation expanded that focus to include an initiative to help children deal with the loss of a parent, caregiver or sibling and to help parents and other caring adults help children deal with the emotional turmoil that results from the death of a close family member. Click here for more information and resources on Childhood Bereavement.

*Nurturing the Children does not encompass projects that are primarily sports-, health-, or arts-related, or those requesting support exclusively for personnel or capital expenses.