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Connecting her community in 140 characters (or less!)

Kathy Zucker wins the #KeepGoodGoing Shorty Award

Mother, entrepreneur, writer, wife, Hoboken resident, leader: These are just a few adjectives that describe Kathy Zucker, recipient of New York Life’s #KeepGoodGoing Shorty Award, which was awarded April 8 at The 5th Annual Shorty Awards in New York City. The Shorty Awards honors the best in social media across various individual and industry categories. The #Keep Good Going category was established this year to honor a #dad or #mom who uses social media to share stories and tips that have helped keep good going in his or her family and inspired others to do the same.

“We were pleased to see so many moms and dads use social media to communicate the ways they keep good going in their own lives as a way to inspire others,” said Greg Galant, the co –founder and executive producer of the Shorty Awards. “Kathy embodies the spirit of this award. Even during difficult times, including last year’s Superstorm Sandy, she was an inspiration and educational resource to families in her local community. We applaud Kathy for being the first to win this category and we thank New York Life for sponsoring #KeepGoodGoing and for its support spreading the word.”

“Kathy is a great example of someone who uses social media to share her own life lessons, which in turn help others. Her tweets in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy provided critical news and updates to her community. We congratulate her on winning a Shorty Award and thank her for using social media to keep good going,” said Liz McCarthy, senior vice president and head of Corporate Communications, New York Life.

“I’m grateful to the hundreds of metro area parents who nominated me for the award. It’s gratifying to know that on a small level, I can make a big impact, ” said Ms. Zucker.

Ms. Zucker is the founder and chief executive officer of the Metro Moms Network®, where she blogs and offers valuable resources to enable moms and dads to juggle careers and parenting. She lives in Hoboken with her husband and three young children.

The #KeepGoodGoing Shorty Award winner was selected based on the total number of nominations received, the impact and creativity of the nominee’s tweets, and innovation in the use of social media. The category was judged by a jury of the Real –Time Academy of Short Form Arts and Sciences, which included: Shawn Bean, executive editor of Parenting Magazine (@sbpopculture); Jamie Moyer, World Series Champion pitcher and president and co –founder of the Moyer Foundation (@moyerfoundation); Jennifer Owens, editorial director of Working Mother Media and director of the Working Mother Research Institute (@working_mother); Joanne Rodgers, vice president and chief diversity officer at New York Life; and Leigh Anne Tuohy, author and motivational speaker, whose family was made famous in Michael Lewis’ best –selling book “The Blind Side” (@LeighAnneTuohy).

Described by those who nominated her as “dedicated,” “passionate,” “caring,” and “helpful” — just to name a few — we think Zucker embodies the spirit of the award perfectly. She uses her skills to spread the good, keeping her community connected by tweeting interesting article links, tips and resources, and local event information. And, she’s got a great sense of humor to boot. Check out these highlights from her Shorty Awards interview:

What are six things you could never do without?

Eyeglasses, toothbrush, nail file, Droid X phone, flashlight and the trust of my community.

What are some words or phrases you refuse to shorten for brevity?

Hoboken, parenting, hurricane, #floodinsurance, #fiscalcliffdeal

What’s the most interesting connection you’ve made through Twitter?

All the moms on my company management team; we live two blocks from each other and had no clue when we met on Twitter.

What inspires you to tweet?

Anything that makes me say, “wow!” gets tweeted. After a lot of shortening – 140 characters forces me to be succinct, unlike, say, on my blog.

140 characters of advice for a new user?

Pick somebody you admire and learn from what they are tweeting, how often and the conversations they have. Why recreate the wheel?

How long can you go without a tweet?

Am I awake?

How do you use social media to motivate yourself or others to live a healthier life?

I love to tweet about cool deals or family places, so that means leaving the house and walking everywhere. Twitter = cardio workout!

The Making of a Shorty Awards Winner

A third–generation New Yorker, Zucker graduated from Columbia University with a BA in English Literature, then worked in corporate finance and healthcare marketing before founding her own marketing and technology consulting firm.

She is the CEO and founder of the 1,500 member Metro Moms Network®. Additionally, she’s the Managing Editor of Metro Moms Magazine and a partner in Metro Moms Media, LLC. She can be found on Facebook or Twitter: @kathyzucker.