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You are a ‘Good’ Leader

According to Greenwald & Associates Inc., an independent research firm, 26% of Americans who were surveyed in the Keep Good Going Report were also ‘Good’ Leaders.

Who are ‘Good’ Leaders?

As a ‘Good’ Leader, you are keeping good going in all aspects of your life: in your personal life, your family, your job, and in your community. As a ‘Good’ Leader, you are generally an optimist and have a firm grasp on how to be happy. You are kind, considerate and a good friend to others. You are comfortable with your financial situation, active in your community, and often politically active as well. Your preference is most likely to do business with socially responsible companies. As a ‘Good’ Leader, despite being optimistic, you have concern about the direction of society and how others are perpetuating good. You tend to be a frequent user of social media and feel that this technology has a positive impact on society. As an individual in this segment, you are successfully keeping good going and are a role model for how to perpetuate goodness for people around you.

What gets in the way of ‘Good’ Leaders keeping good going?

Not much! If you’re a ‘Good’ Leader, use your natural optimism to see the best in others (and to relieve some of your concern that society might not be headed in the right direction). Grow your capacity for compassion by cultivating curiosity about strangers and listening deeply to those around you. Feeling really adventurous? Follow the Native American proverb to “Walk a mile in another man’s moccasins before you criticize him,” and literally try out another person’s life, as George Orwell did in the 1920’s before he wrote Down and Out in Paris and London. Learn more about how you can boost your empathetic tendencies by reading this article.

Keep Good Going in your life.

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