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“This is my amazing husband, John.”

As a boy, my husband John wanted to be an astronaut. When he was a little older he went into the Air Force and became a pilot. Now he’s a stay-at-home dad.

We always felt strongly that if it was feasible, one of us should stay home and take care of our children. After he left the Air Force, John became an account executive for one of the largest video production services in Manhattan. But by the time our first child was born, I had found success working as a Creative Director for a large advertising agency. I loved my career and knew I wouldn't be happy being home, so my amazing, supportive husband decided to give it a go.

It’s much more accepted today, with the economy and all, but being a stay-at-home dad in 1996 was not a common thing. Even John had his concerns in the beginning. Would he know enough to keep the baby safe and healthy? Would the moms in the community accept him? It took a little time, but John gained confidence and felt completely comfortable with his decision.

In addition to taking the kids to school and making their lunches, John does all the laundry and grocery shopping, and even takes care of the finances. In a way, he runs our home like it was a small business. And that focused little boy with his eye on the prize? I still see him every day passing his love of science on to both our children.

- Lisa F.