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“She got her mother’s looks. And my fastball.”

My daughter tried dance, soccer, cheerleading. But then she found her passion – throwing strikes.

I’ve always loved baseball, so I was ecstatic when she said she wanted to start playing, too. It was a great way for us to spend time together and for me to be a part of something she loved. I coached. I chauffeured. And I filmed.

Over the years, I’ve filmed every single game she’s played, always taking my wife and younger son along. It is an activity that has kept our family together through all of life’s distractions. Her talent sure is something to see, but it’s her confidence and leadership that inspire us most.

Who’d have thought I’d have a picture of her on the field that is almost identical to a photo my father took of me during a Little League game in 1969? Like father, like daughter. I hope that my daughter will keep the tradition going when she has kids of her own one day, and that I'll be remembered as part of the thread that kept the love of the game going for generations.

- Ed E.


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