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You are a 'Good’ Nester

According to Greenwald & Associates Inc., an independent research firm, 24% of Americans who were surveyed in the Keep Good Going Report were also 'Good' Nesters.

Who are ‘Good’ Nesters?

As a ‘Good’ Nester you keep good going by focusing squarely on your family. You tend to promote goodness in your own home more than in your community. If you have children, you place high importance on your relationship with them. You and other ‘Good’ Nesters are generally more secure financially than other segments and feel strongly that more money would not buy you more happiness. You also feel the most strongly about the statement that “what a person has is less important than who a person is.” As a ‘Good’ Nester, you are generally content with your life and try to live with great integrity.

What gets in the way of ‘Good’ Nesters keeping good going?

If you are a ‘Good’ Nester you can find even more meaning in your life by stretching beyond the comforts of your ‘nest’ to perpetuate good. For example, there may be chances to seek volunteer opportunities that can go a long way toward extending good even further in your life. Volunteering is a proven way to both find fulfillment and contribute to the greater good. Start small by encouraging tiny acts of kindness among your family members. Who needs a hug or a helping hand? Once small acts of kindness are routine, consider broadening the reach of your family kindness by finding a cause or issue to support together. Why not participate in a walk or run to raise money for something you all believe in? Watch this short video to learn three quick and easy ways to promote kindness in your family.

Keep Good Going in your life.

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