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You are a ‘Good’ Striver

According to Greenwald & Associates Inc., an independent research firm, 21% of Americans who were surveyed in the Keep Good Going Report were also 'Good' Strivers.

Who are ‘Good’ Strivers?

As a ‘Good’ Striver, you believe that life is not easy. While you want to keep good going in your family, work, personal and community life, you aren’t always able to focus on it because you believe it is hard in today’s world. You, as with other ‘Good’ Strivers, point to the need for greater financial success in order to be able to perpetuate good. Your priority is to create a loving relationship with your children if you have them. You have strong interpersonal skills, are polite and considerate to others, and live with integrity. However, you don’t always see the same coming back to you. As a ‘Good’ Striver you admit you don’t always have the most positive attitude; you believe that you have a healthy level of skepticism.

What gets in the way of ‘Good’ Strivers keeping good going?

If you are a ‘Good’ Striver you are uncertain about how to perpetuate goodness in your life, but you can do it. Start by savoring life’s small joys. Recognize the goodness that exists around you and the positive things in your daily life. How can you do that? This article describes how happiness is contagious. You may be surprised and pleased to find out that taking a small step can make a great impact. Also, that positive impact doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. Start by simply noticing something that delights or moves you. Develop your ability to savor all the good life has to offer by practicing the 10 steps outlined in this Greater Good article. Or seed your life with super small kindnesses – get a dozen simple ideas here.

Keep Good Going in your life.

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