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You are a ‘Good’ Worker

According to Greenwald & Associates Inc., an independent research firm, 29% of Americans who were surveyed in the Keep Good Going Report were also ‘Good’ Workers.

Who are ‘Good’ Workers?

As a ‘Good’ Worker you keep good going by focusing on work and family and strive to find balance between these two aspects of your life. You and other ‘Good’ Workers tend to be both hard-working and work-centric. You are generally positive about society and others, believing most Americans are hard-working, and that in general Americans have not lost track of what is important. As a ‘Good’ Worker you are the most positive when it comes to the direction of our country. At the same time, you remain skeptical about whether or not hard work alone can help one achieve the American Dream. If you are a parent, you place high importance on education as a way for your children to succeed.

What gets in the way of ‘Good’ Workers keeping good going?

If you are a ‘Good’ Worker, you may find that you have your nose to the grindstone. If you look up and out beyond your work you may find that the positive feelings you have about society’s goodness gives you an openness to perpetuating goodness in your life. One way that might work is to use gratitude. Take a moment today to thank someone that you haven’t properly thanked for something kind that they did for you. If you can thank them in person, that is wonderful, but even just sending a quick text can make a difference! Watch this quick video to learn more about the benefits of gratitude, or this one for more ways to foster appreciation in your own life and the lives of others.

Keep Good Going in your life.

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