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Take quiz and discover “Your Keep Good Going” style

Provides insight into how to perpetuate goodness in your life

A new 5-minute quiz , based on data from the latest Keep Good Going Report, allows Americans to gain insight into their own approach to living a good life and how they can do even more to successfully perpetuate goodness.

The Keep Good Going Report reveals four core segments of Americans based on the fundamental differences in how they identify and cultivate goodness in their lives: Good Leaders, Good Nesters, Good Workers, and Good Strivers. The findings are based on an analysis of responses from more than 2,000 Americans that explores their values related to family, personal, life, work, and community.

“Understanding your Keep Good Going style is fund and it can lead to greater happiness.,“ says Christine Carter Ph.D., sociologist, author of raising Happiness and independent consultant to New York Life As part of the online quiz, Dr. Carter offers specific tips for each Keep Good Going style.