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Protect the people you love in 3 simple steps

Q: What do life insurance and Valentine’s Day have in common?
A: They’re both about love.

It may seem to be a stretch, but life insurance and Valentine’s Day share a common theme: love. Consider this fact: 75% of Americans say the main reason you buy life insurance is because you love your family.* Whether it’s for an entire family or close relative, spouse or partner, people purchase life insurance for one reason - to make sure the people they love will always have a bright and secure future.

According to a recent study, however, the average American only owns enough life insurance to protect their family for three years after the loss of a breadwinner. You don’t want an insurance gap get in the way of your family’s hopes and dreams.

So, where to start?

Step 1: Estimate your protection needs with our planning tools & calculators and review your life insurance needs with our two minute self-review.

Step 2: Read and explore more about the benefits of life insurance or check out these links for specific information on:

Step 3: Contact your agent.

Our agents are always available to discuss your needs and examine what options would work best for you and the people you love. If you don’t have an agent, simply use the "Talk to Us" tab or the "Consult an Agent" form on the page and an Agent in your area will contact you at your convenience. Or learn more about all the ways you can do business with us.

Because life insurance is about love: plain and simple.

*LIMRA and LIFE Foundation 2011 Insurance Barometer Study