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Shane Donaca: An amazing gift

Providing a family with a safe, secure future is the greatest present a friend can give

Shane Donaca’s motto was “go hard or go home.” And he brought that passion and intensity to every aspect of his life, from racing motorcycles, to building a large commercial construction business in the Portland Ore area, to spending time with his wife, Kim, and their three children.

Because so many people depended on Shane, New York Life agent Kris Preble wanted to ensure his client had adequate life insurance coverage. They sat down to construct a plan that included a combination of term life insurance, to cover immediate needs, and whole life insurance, to help Shane accumulate cash-value over the long term and gain lifelong coverage. As Shane’s life moved at the speed of light, however, it was difficult to finalize the plan. Finally Kris, who had become a family friend, accompanied Shane to a dirt bike show in Washington, providing the perfect opportunity to put the final touches on his plan, including getting Shane to sign the policies

A motorcycle enthusiast himself, Kris had joined New York Life in 2011 because, “the idea of being able to help people fit well with my life’s values,” he says. As for Shane, he was more than a client for Kris who describes him a as “a mentor, team member and father figure”. A friendship blossomed over their shared love of motorcycles. “When I became a financial advisor, I made a point of sitting down with Shane to ensure he had enough life insurance in place to cover his wife, three children and his business.”

While at the show, tragedy struck. Taking a bike on a test run, Shane hit an embankment and suffered fatal injuries. He was only 44. “I couldn’t believe he was gone,” says Kris, “And I knew I must be the one to tell his wife and family who were at home.”

Heartbroken, Shane’s family began to pick up the pieces of their life. And though Shane had signed his life insurance contract just 12 hours before his death, his family received the full death benefit. With evident pride, Kris recalls, “I delivered the claim check to his wife and because of this check, I was able to take care of his family and preserve his business.”

Shane’s widow, Kim, was able to pay off all the company’s debts and still has the money the family needs to continue their lifestyle. “Life insurance is an amazing gift,” says Kim. “I don’t have to lie awake at night worrying about money or about getting another job so I can put my children through school.”

Ensuring families have safe, secure futures are what our agents do best and they’re always available to discuss your needs and explore your options. Learn all the ways we can work together, then use the Talk to Us tab or the Consult an Agent form on the page, and an agent in your area will contact you at your convenience.