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Why do I need life insurance?

Your kids, husband, wife, partner, parents: What are your reasons for buying life insurance?

No matter what—or who—your reasons may be, life insurance is one way you can help ensure the people you love have a bright and secure future. Just ask Anthony Anderson, star of the hit TV show black-ish, host of Eating America, and the 2015 national spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month. As a young boy growing up in Compton, California, Anthony saw the importance his family placed on life insurance. While his parents didn’t have much, they did have Mary—affectionately named ”The Insurance Lady“ by the Anderson family. Mary was a fixture in the family’s home, visiting them on a regular basis to review and update Anthony’s parents’ life insurance policies, and even sold him his first life insurance policy when he turned 18.

”Even on their limited income, my mom and dad instilled upon all of us the importance of planning for the future and the fact that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone,” Anthony says. “I know how hard it is to lose someone you love. An accident took my brother when he was 26 and shortly after, I lost my father to diabetes, a disease I, myself, live with today. It was rough getting through those deaths, but the fact that they both had life insurance made it so much easier.“

Now a husband and a father, Anthony understands why his parents made life insurance a priority, and he has made it a priority for his family to be protected.

So it’s your turn to make protecting your family a priority—get started now in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Estimate your protection needs with our planning tools and review your life insurance needs with our two-minute self-review. Keep in mind, even if you have life insurance in place, you may be among the majority of Americans who have an insurance gap. Our easy-to-use Gap Calculator can help you see how you stack up.

Step 2: Read and explore more about the benefits of life insurance and learn how it can help families, small-business owners, and all sorts of people with a wide range of protection and financial needs.

Step 3: Contact an agent. Our agents are always available to discuss your needs and examine what options would work best for you and the people you love. Simply use the ”Talk to Us“ button or the ”Consult an Agent“ form on the page, and an agent in your area will contact you at your convenience. Or, learn all the different ways you can do business with us.