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Beneficiary policy finder center

Lost policy finder

At New York Life Insurance Company we make our best efforts to keep in touch with our policyholders so we can keep their information current. Yet sometimes we can become separated from our policyholders and have difficulty locating a beneficiary. We are very committed to reuniting families with lost policies for a deceased immediate family member. With your assistance we can connect to the rightful owners and beneficiaries. Please encourage others to check our web site for lost policies, contracts or certificates. This search will not include Life insurance issued through Group or Sponsored Life insurance policies, such as is issued through an Employer, Labor Union, Educational Institution, Alumni, Military or Professional Association insurance plan. This search will include insurance issued through AARP. Search for a lost policy.

Please have available:
Deceased policyholder’s name
Last known address
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Social Security Number (helpful but not required)

Were your policy proceeds turned over to the State?

After a period of time, New York Life is required by law to turn unclaimed proceeds over to the appropriate state in accordance with Abandoned Property laws. Using our Unclaimed Policy Finder you can help find a policy that might have insured your loved one.

Need help locating a deceased policyholder?
Contact a customer service representative:
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