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Living in Retirement

To many, retirement is the carrot at the end of the stick. After working and saving for years, you've finally reached the time where the only job requirement is to relax and enjoy yourself. So does that mean you've shaken off all financial responsibilities? Not at all: As with any other major life change, you should re-evaluate your financial position to make sure you and your loved ones will continue to be well-protected and cared for. Below is a list of articles that may be of interest to you:

To assist you in making sure that you have taken the steps that can help ease your transition into retirement, The Retirement Consulting Group (RCG) has compiled a checklist of considerations, and recommended action steps.

To learn more about the checklist, read the attached article from RCG's Education Series This link opens an external site in a new browser. , or contact your financial professional or The Retirement Consulting Group. This link opens an external site in a new browser. 

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Living in Retirement

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