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Congratulations! After the excitement of wedding bells, you can finally settle down into being a family. You'll be sharing your hopes and dreams, a home and, just as important, your finances.

Hopefully, you've already talked to your spouse about your finances; if not, here is some information about being "for richer or for poorer" that you might want to know. Sharing the financial responsibilities can be a bit tricky, especially if one of you is a spender and the other is a saver. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the road to financial fulfillment:

As you and your spouse build your life together, we wish you the best. New York Life has been helping families achieve their objectives and protect their loved ones for more than 155 years. We look forward to being of service to you, as well.


  • Did You Know...?
    Nuptial agreements were made popular in the 1800s to protect heiresses and widows from courtiers who had only their money at heart.

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