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New Home/Mortgage

A new home is at once your greatest asset and your greatest expense. It's important to think about how your new mortgage fits in with your overall financial strategy, and how to safeguard your investment. To help, here are some common questions:

  • How Can I Safeguard My Investment?
    Protecting your home with life insurance
  • Did You Know...?
    Purchasing a personally owned life insurance policy can help keep your family in your home.
    OPTION 1. Permanent Life Insurance - The death benefit from a Permanent Whole Life Insurance policy can help pay off your mortgage in the event you die.
    OPTION 2. Term Insurance - A Term Insurance policy can help pay off your mortgage in the event you die during the coverage period of the Term policy. In addition, you may choose to use Term Insurance to supplement your Permanent Life Insurance policy to help ensure that your coverage is always adequate.

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New Home/Mortgage

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