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Managing Your Wealth

We may not always feel wealthy. Still, look around: Are you one of many dual-income couples with earnings well into the six-figure category? One of millions of Americans in line for (or already in receipt of) a substantial inheritance? One of the many baby boomers roaring into peak earning years and naming their own wage in the marketplace? Or one of that growing cadre of young, well-educated professionals cutting a wide and aggressive swath across the economy?

For many Americans, these are times of growing prosperity...of enough discretionary income for three-a-year vacations, a computer in every bedroom and a lifestyle undreamed of even 25 years ago. The real challenge: How to turn today's prosperity into lasting financial security. We live in prosperous times, but we also live in precarious times. Ultimately, it is what you do with your assets that determines their long-term staying power...and your long-term lifestyle.

What to do
The articles in this series look at some of the perils and pitfalls of wealth, as well as ways to turn wealth into financial security, with strategies to help you protect and enhance your family's standard of living. Learn about the significant difference between income-statement rich and balance-sheet rich, as well as what really distinguishes assets from liabilities; or the why and how of setting goals and learning how to achieve them.

Are your needs particularly complex? New York Life has a special group of agents called The Nautilus Group. These agents are assisted by a team of professionals with credentials in law, accounting, taxation and insurance. Nautilus Group members focus on personalized analysis to outline a variety of techniques available to help you accomplish your unique objectives. Please note that Nautilus Group member agents or employees may not give legal or tax advice.

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Managing Your Wealth

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