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The Benefits of Life

Life insurance is a valuable financial tool because of the many benefits a permanent policy offers beyond a death benefit. Depending on which policy you choose, there are added living benefits to life insurance, which can be used in a variety of ways.

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General Life Insurance Information

Coverage for Your Life

  • The Cost of Waiting: Why the best time to buy life insurance is when you may be least likely to think about it — when you're young.
  • The Importance of Life Insurance for a Stay-at-Home Spouse: The death of a stay-at-home spouse can have a significant financial impact beyond the emotional one, and insuring only the working parent may not be enough.
  • Time is on Your Side: Because age affects the cost of life insurance as well as how much cash value you can build in your policy, youth can be your greatest asset when planning for your financial future.

The Business Benefits of Life Insurance

  • Buy-Sell Agreements: A buy-sell agreement can help keep your business going in the event of a partner's death. What you need to know about the value of a buy-sell agreement, and how to establish one.
  • Protecting Your Other Family — Your Business: Life insurance should be a key component of any business's financial plan, and this piece illustrates why.

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The Benefits of Life

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