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Long-Term Care Insurance — Illinois

Long-Term Care Insurance is still a relatively new type of insurance product and many people do not understand what long-term care insurance policies cover, how and when the policies pay benefits and who needs to obtain coverage. The content in this section of the site is here to address some of the key topics and questions related to long-term care insurance and help people who are considering purchasing a policy make the right choice.

The Long–Term Care Resource Center is provided as a resource for individuals or families seeking to educate themselves on the issues related to long–term care and long–term care insurance.

The topic of long–term care seems to be getting more and more attention. Much of the discussion around long–term care is focused on the rising costs of long–term care services, the increasing size of America's retired population, the dramatic increases in expected average life span and the impact the convergence of these factors may have on families and the health care industry.

Some of the most important benefits of long-term care insurance have been clouded by vague or confusing descriptions and some long-term care facts have been poorly explained. As a result, many people do not have a clear and accurate understanding of the issues surrounding long-term care and long-term care insurance. These articles were designed to help people get around these obstacles and gain an understanding of long-term care and long-term care insurance that can help them make sound decisions about their future.

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Please note: This resource center is for informational purposes only. You should contact your professional advisors for legal, tax or accounting advice. State insurance regulations vary. Content in the Resource Center may not apply to every state.


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Long-Term Care Insurance — Illinois

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