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African Americans and New York Life

"We aim to strengthen New York Life's ties to the African-American community by developing long-term relationships with high profile community organizations," said Eugene Mitchell, assistant vice president and manager, African-American Market Unit.

There are 34.7 million African Americans in the United States, representing 12.3 percent of the nation's population, according to the 2000 Census. Nearly one million African Americans own small businesses. Many African Americans, however, are still unfamiliar with the idea of using life insurance for anything other than paying death benefits.

"There is a great opportunity to educate and meet the needs of African Americans and their businesses, and to recruit talented individuals in this market to work for New York Life," stated Mitchell.

Our Steadfast Commitment to the African-American Community
New York Life has a steadfast commitment to strengthening its ties to the African-American community. Important initiatives we've taken include:

    Partnering with the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition in implementing its "One Thousand Churches Connected Program." This program has made it possible for churches in selected cities to sponsor seminars that help participants take control of their financial situation — now and for the future. Topics include the important role life insurance can play in saving for college, mortgage protection, long-term care, and retirement planning.

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African Americans and New York Life

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