Connecting Businesses and Executives to the Company's Financial Success
Executives and business owners recognize that management performance plays a key role in achieving the Company's goals and objectives that can lead to the Company's financial success. They also understand the importance of addressing executive benefits in the context of shareholder value. NYLEX Benefits is adept at balancing these competing needs and providing comprehensive solutions for benefit program needs.

NYLEX Benefits is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional executive benefits consulting. Our staff includes a select group of professionals each dedicated to a specialty area in supporting client programs, processes, and services. These disciplines include actuarial, accounting, finance, legal, life insurance product design and management, and administrative support systems and servicing. We help businesses balance compensation for top performers with returns for the owners — now and in the future.

Note: NYLEX Benefits does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Clients should consult with their own advisers for such advice.

Successful Solutions
Competitive pressure and tax reforms have changed the way executives are compensated. Supplemental benefit plans have therefore become essential to fill pension gaps created by legislative restrictions and limitations. NYLEX Benefits provides such programs and services to major and mid-size U.S. corporations and banks — whose plans total billions of dollars in assets and benefits — to help them:

  • Attract, retain, and reward top performers
  • Provide executive supplemental benefit programs
  • Defer executive compensation
  • Upgrade director benefits
  • Provide financially attractive alternatives to traditional group term life insurance coverage
  • Finance post-retirement benefit obligations

A Personal Approach: Meeting Executive Benefit Challenges One Client at a Time
Addressing client objectives, NYLEX Benefits helps clients establish innovative ways to attract and reward the best people and provides high-level experience to address a variety of client needs. With exclusive attention to detail and the unique needs of the firms we serve, NYLEX Benefits works with clients to:

  • Evaluate their needs and recommend action
  • Design programs that are consistent with client needs/objectives
  • Present and advocate programs to boards and shareholders
  • Recommend financing strategies that minimize cash and earnings pressure
  • Service benefit programs and make them easier to administer

Our services include careful analysis, trend identification, coordinated strategies, and informed understanding of executive-shareholder relations. NYLEX Benefits helps define benefit liabilities and create assets to offset them providing program reviews and actuarial support, as well as ongoing monitoring and compliance assistance. And by maintaining contact with regulatory agencies and leading accounting and law firms, we ensure our analysis reflects current developments and offers informed estimates of how the business landscape may change.

NYLEX Benefits believes in the benefits of long-term business relationships, and we provide services for executive benefit programs — as well as create them. Our programs are designed to ensure that our clients' benefit plans receive focused attention, not only during their creation but also after they're in place. Our commitment to our clients doesn't end when the program is in place — that's when it really begins.

Corporate Profile
NYL Executive Benefits LLC (NYLEX Benefits) is a subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company. Independently managed, NYLEX Benefits is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for executive benefit program needs.

New York Life is the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States, with an enviable 161-year history. New York Life, combined with its affiliates, had $225 billion in assets under management at December 2005, $10.5 billion of surplus and 2005 GAAP revenues of more than $17 billion. New York Life has among the highest ratings from the leading independent ratings agencies, including (at December 2005) A.M. Best (A++), Moody’s (Aaa), Standard and Poor’s (AA+) and Fitch (AAA) for financial strength.

NYLEX Benefits continues this tradition of excellence, and provides clients with unprecedented dedication to quality, service, convenience, and value in the programs and services we provide.

To discover what we can do for your business today, call NYLEX Benefits' headquarters in Stamford, CT at (203) 353-5800.

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