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Frequently Asked Questions About NYLIFE Securities LLC

NYLIFE Securities FAQs

  1. What types of trades can I place on the NYLIFE Securities web site?
    You can purchase or sell any publicly traded stock, over 10,000 mutual funds, and certain kinds of options (subject to option account approval). You cannot purchase bonds or CDs on the NYLIFE Securities web site.

  2. Can I open an account online?
    Please contact your local NYLIFE Securities Financial Services Professional or your local New York Life General Office to open a NYLIFE Securities account.

  3. How much does it cost to trade online?
    There is a flat fee of $29.95 for stocks, and chargeable no-load mutual funds, done on the NYLIFE Securities web site.1

  4. Which browsers are compatible with our web site?
    We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 6.0 or higher, 128 bit encryption). However, any SSL (secure sockets layer) compliant browser will do.

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1 - Trading certain securities, such as mutual funds, may generate additional fees in lieu of the $29.95 fee. Market volatility and volume may delay system access when placing trades via the Internet or SpeechBroker® (Voice Recognition System).

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Frequently Asked Questions About NYLIFE Securities LLC

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