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Memorial Day Q&A With Ex-Marine and Sales Recruiter Ramone Knight

Soldiers' Dedication and Devotion Help in Career Transition

In honor of Memorial Day, a holiday that commemorates U.S. soliders who died while serving their country, we are highlighting former Marine, agent, and current recruiter Ramone Knight.


In this question-and-answer chat, Knight shares why he joined New York Life back in 2006, what characteristics life insurance agents and military personnel have in common, and what he is planning to do this Memorial Day. Recruited by New York Life Senior Partner Grant Kinkade, Knight works out of the company's Baltimore General Office .

Q: Why did you join New York Life?
A: I saw it as an opportunity to help people, family, friends, and the community with their financial decisions and to help educate them with the right options and choices.

Q: What shared qualities or characteristics do ex-military personnel and life insurance agents possess?
A: Ex-military personnel and life insurance agents possess the need to want to help their community. They also possess qualities such as dedication, loyalty, and the ability to learn and grow from each new situation.

Q: What real life example, in your military background, helped you in your career either as an agent or a recruiter?
A: As an agent I saw the loss of close friends and the devastation it causes when family members and loved ones get left behind. As a recruiter I've conducted a lot of interviews and talked to a lot of people from all branches of the military. I was able to offer them a wonderful career here at New York Life that helps them provide the same dedication and devotion of caring for other people and their communities as when they were in the military full time.

Q: How will you be honoring servicemen and women this Memorial Day?
A: I will be attending a friend and family event that is aligned with giving thanks to past comrades, honoring the commitment that they gave to our country.


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Memorial Day Q&A With Ex-Marine and Sales Recruiter Ramone Knight

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