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For more than 160 years, New York Life Insurance Company has distinguished itself by assisting people in times of crisis; helping to build stronger, more vibrant communities; and investing resources to address emerging social issues. New York Life's archives detail charitable contributions dating back to 1853, when the Company first helped victims of a yellow fever outbreak in New Orleans. Similar gifts are noted over the years from the time of the Civil War to the present.

In 1979, the Company established the New York Life Foundation. The Foundation became the main vehicle through which the Company channels its contributions to national and local nonprofit organizations. Its current funding focus is entitled Nurturing the Children.

The Foundation also offers several programs for New York Life employees. Its volunteer-related grant programs recognize employees' service to nonprofit charities in their communities. The Educational Matching Gift Program encourages individual giving by matching gifts made by New York Life employees to elementary, secondary and higher educational institutions.

New York Life Insurance Company believes strongly in the value of community service and in 1998 formalized its commitment by creating the Volunteers for LIFE Program. Volunteers for LIFE offers employees a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, including ongoing programs, one-time events, team projects, collection/drives and special events. The community service projects represent a range of commitment levels so that anyone may have an opportunity to participate. Opportunities exist for employees as individuals or in teams, once a year, once a month or even weekly. In addition, employees may take on leadership roles by becoming Team Leaders, helping to organize and lead a New York Life group project.

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New York Life In the Community

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