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Two-Year Grant Supports New York Program for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

NEW YORK, N.Y., September 3, 2008 – The AARP Foundation announced a two-year, $319,000 grant from the New York Life Foundation to provide support to the Integrated Kinship Caregiving Initiative of AARP in New York State. The initiative provides advanced training to front-line professionals who work with grandparents or other relatives who are raising grandchildren.

“We are incredibly grateful for New York Life Foundation’s continued support. Since 2003 the New York Life Foundation has granted AARP over $1 million in support of this unique program, which offers guidance and support to meet the special needs of grandparents and other relatives raising grandchildren,” said Lois Aronstein, AARP New York State director.

“We are proud to partner with the AARP Foundation in their efforts to meet the needs of close to 400,000 New York grandchildren being raised by grandparents or other relatives,” said Chris Park, president, New York Life Foundation. “We are pleased to announce our continued support of the program as we approach National Grandparents Day, which celebrates the wisdom and heritage grandparents provide.”

The grant supports the education of:

  • Caseworkers, who support grandparents to ensure that they are informed and understand legal and financial resources and tools available to the grandchildren and caregivers;
  • School workers/counselors, to bridge the gap between the school system and social welfare agency caseworkers so that grandchildren being raised by grandparents or relatives can receive more holistic support in addressing their needs;
  • Legal professionals, to keep them abreast of specific legal developments unique to these relationships; and
  • Correctional facilities, to enable them to better inform incarcerated parents of the services and resources available to support grandchildren and the family members who are caring for them while they are incarcerated.

About the AARP Foundation
The AARP Foundation is AARP’s affiliated charity. Foundation programs provide security, protection and empowerment for older persons in need. Low-income older workers receive the job training and placement they need to re-join the work force. Free tax preparation is provided for low- and moderate-income individuals, with special attention to those 60 and older. The Foundation’s litigation staff protects the legal rights of older Americans in critical health, long-term care, consumer and employment situations. Additional programs provide information, education and services to ensure that people over 50 lead lives of independence, dignity and purpose. Foundation programs are funded by grants, tax-deductible contributions and AARP. For more information, visit

About The New York Life Foundation
The New York Life Foundation is the major vehicle through which New York Life Insurance Company channels contributions to national and local nonprofit organizations. Through its Nurturing the Children initiative, the Foundation supports organizations, programs and services that target young people, particularly in the areas of mentoring, safe places to learn and grow, and educational enhancement opportunities. Since 1979, the New York Life Foundation has donated more than $100 million to national and local non-profit organizations. Please visit the Foundation’s Web site at

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Two-Year Grant Supports New York Program for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

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