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Reprint Policy

Our articles are free to reprint. We ask only that you observe the following:

  • Reprint in full, "as is" no editing, please.
  • Clearly identify the rightful copyright owner: New York Life Insurance Company. We suggest the following formula: "Copyright New York Life Insurance Co. The original article can be found at: [URL]. Reprinted with permission." (If an author is listed, please provide the appropriate credit for him/her as well.)
  • Do not use in UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Email distribution of this article MUST be opt–in email only.
  • If printed in an ezine or online newsletter, please email the article to us at: with the subject "Article Reprint."
  • If intended for posting on a Web site, please set any URLs in the body of the article as hyperlinks. And send a URL where you post this article to us at with the subject "Article Reprint."

Simply printing a hard copy for personal or private use ("fair use") does not require permission. (Quite the contrary: we created the "Print This" functionality for just this purpose.) Making copies for use or distribution to students in a classroom is also permitted and encouraged.

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Reprint Policy

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