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Aunt Clara Won't be Making the Holiday Party This Year

What Does This Article Cover?
  • Will you have a worry-free retirement?
  • Do travel, adventure and the ability to spoil your grandchildren await you?
  • Are you planning today so you will have a financially secure future?

Imagine a worry–free, financially secure retirement. Picture having enough money to travel, spoil the grandkids, and do many of the things you have always planned to do when "someday" becomes "today." You can do it, by planning, putting your money to work and arranging your assets to help achieve your goals.

Picture this scenario: Aunt Clara and Uncle Wally can't make it to holiday Dinner this year! No money? Failing health? Poor old Aunt Clara and Uncle Wally?1

Far from it. They are spending the holidays this year in a villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Hale and healthy in their late 70s, they prepared well for their retirement years. Financially secure and whimsically independent, they are as footloose and fancy free as a couple of teenagers. Last year, it was a small guesthouse on St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

And speaking of teenagers, they have their sixteen-year old granddaughter with them in Europe this year. She is having a ball, too, though having trouble keeping up with Grandpa and Nana.

Clara and Wally are not rich. They did not own a large business, have a generous employer–sponsored pension, or inherit wealth though their children and grandchildren just might. (In the meantime, a growing pile of presents and small envelopes is accumulating under their children's holiday trees back home.)

They are financially set now because, years ago, they took charge of their own retirement. It was very simple, really. Regularly, faithfully, almost religiously, they set aside 10 cents of every dollar they earned as part of their "financial independence" strategy. They made it part of their budget, including a "money we owe ourselves" in their bill payment box.

They contributed to their 401(k) plans at work, maxed out their IRA contributions, invested in a variety of investments and rounded out their plans with good investment decisions. They, with the help of their NYLIFE Securities Registered Representative, developed a strategy for long–term wealth accumulation, then monitored and updated it, as needed, every year initially and then each quarter.

What did Aunt Clara, Uncle Wally and millions of retirees know? With help from their NYLIFE Securities Registered Representative they understood that their retirement needs would not take care of themselves.

You can take steps to do the same. Start by talking to your NYLIFE Securities Registered Representative. He or she is a trained, licensed professional who can help you analyze your needs, select solutions, and design a strategy for long-term financial independence.

So start today. Tomorrow will get here sooner than you thinkā€¦and that villa on the Mediterranean is waiting.

1 Clara and Wally are not actual people. They are based on a demographic composite of successful retirees.


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Aunt Clara Won't be Making the Holiday Party This Year

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