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Framing Your Family's Future: Family Protection Insurance

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a life insurance policy that provides protection on every member of the family

What Is It?
Family Protection Insurance is an innovative 10–year term plan that covers the family using one policy. Like the recently introduced Custom Whole Life product, Family Protection Insurance is unique — no other company has a term product as comprehensive or as flexible.

One–Stop Shopping
Young families are often busy and mindful of their budget. They’re also looking for simplicity. That’s why Family Protection Insurance offers "one–stop shopping" with affordable life insurance protection for the family.

Innovative Features:

  • Affordable term life protection for two adults (including domestic partners).
  • $10,000 coverage for each child at no additional cost — including children yet to be born!
  • Ability to increase face amounts for each adult by units of $50,000 ($100,000 maximum) every other year during the first ten years, up to a total amount of term insurance of $500,000 on each life.
  • Increases in face amount can be made without evidence of insurability and at original age premium rate per thousand cost.
  • Conversion privilege allows adults and children to buy permanent insurance without proof of insurability.
  • After conversion to permanent insurance, as long as there is at least $100,000 of term insurance left on each adult, the adults’ Family Protection term coverage can be rebuilt.
  • During difficult times or hardship situations, decreases in coverage amounts are permitted.
  • Beneficiaries receive an extra $200,000 should both adults die within the first ten policy years (does not have to be a simultaneous death).

This product is not available in all states. Please contact a local New York Life agent for more information.

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Framing Your Family's Future: Family Protection Insurance

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