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From Serving Her Country to Serving Her Community

Carol Goff

Service is in Carol Goff’s blood. As a self-proclaimed “military brat,” she always knew she would one day serve her country as her father did in the Navy and Army, respectively, for 22 years. And she did, serving 20 years in the Air Force before retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 2001. Today, she is performing a different kind of service by helping people protect their loved ones by planning for the future.

When Goff retired from the Air Force, selling life insurance was the farthest thing from her mind. She was a “techie,” serving as a computer systems and communications officer, touring the Horn of Africa region and Middle East. After serving her country, the former officer and mother of two retired simultaneously with her husband, Rick, who also was an Air Force lieutenant colonel. While Rick jumped into the civilian world quickly, Carol decided to take some time off and be a full–time mom.

As her sons got older, she felt it was time to get back to work. But after being at home for nearly eight years, she had lost her edge when it came to the fast-moving world of technology. She knew she had to do something different.

In 2009, an insurance company called her husband for a potential job. “Rick always said the best time to look for a job is when you have one.” However, he wasn’t interested in the opportunity, but encouraged his wife to submit her resume, “so I went on the interview,” she says. This was her first step into the world of insurance and the financial industry.

Goff was by no means a financial expert. In fact, she never wanted to go into the financial industry, but she knew she could learn just about anything and landed the job. After about 10 months there, she received a call from a friend who worked for New York Life.

“She told me about the great opportunities available as a New York Life Agent and how much she enjoyed working there,” Goff recalls.

She interviewed at the Hudson Valley, NY, office and has been an Agent there since 2010. She is now in the midst of transitioning to a management position.

From the get-go, she says New York Life projected an image of professionalism. Her interview was one-on-one with the Recruiter, rather than the “cattle call” interviews that are common among some companies in the industry. Also, the comprehensive compensation package which helps Agents build their own financial security attracted her.

It’s a career move Goff never second guesses. As an Agent, she knows she is making a difference in people’s lives because of her desire to help her clients make sound financial decisions, whether they’re baby boomers, young families or people who were laid off and need help rolling over their 401(k) money.

Also, as a retired member of the military, the discipline required to be a successful Agent really clicked for Goff. “I think we bring a certain kind of work ethic to the career. We know what needs to be done and we do it. We’re also good at handling stress and working in different situations.”

As Goff transitions to management, her focus will move to recruiting, an opportunity for her to showcase another skill set she learned while in the Air Force—identifying, training and developing talent. Her concentration will be military transitioning into the civilian community.

“New York Life is a great second career for them. They come from careers where they have pensions, so that makes the idea of a commissioned based career less daunting,” she explains. “Plus, the opportunity is there for everyone to seize—no matter if you’re a man or a woman—and you get to continue in the role of working for the common good by helping people protect their loved ones and their financial security. We served our country and continue to do so in some way as Agents.”


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From Serving Her Country to Serving Her Community

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