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Here’s What I Want From My Agent!

As the customer, what is your agenda when you meet with an insurance agent? Are you concerned or apprehensive about what will take place during the appointment? Would you like a checklist that you can go over with your agent?

I’m busy. I run about a hundred miles an hour all day and some evenings. When I have all the information presented to me, I tend to make fast decisions – whether it’s deciding which item to select on the restaurant menu or which car to buy in the dealer’s showroom. At the same time, I have no time to waste on someone else’s agenda.

I suspect I need to update my life insurance and review my other long-term plans and financial strategies. I need someone who is going to work with me and help me understand my needs and address them appropriately…fairly representing my best interests.

So, here’s what I want from my agent:

  • Don’t try to sell me anything. Explain your recommendations to me, give me all the information I need, and then let me make my own decision.

  • Please respect my time. If we agree to an hour, don’t make me have to check my watch after 65 minutes and begin clearing my throat.

  • Use our time together to get to know me. Please do not assume anything about me. Find out who I am, what I want and what concerns me.

  • Let me get to know you. Tell me a little about yourself, your training, your experience, your background, and your credentials.

  • Tell me about your company and its reputation for reliability, service and quality of products.

  • Respect my privacy. I suspect that you will ask me to share financial and other personal information with you. Please make sure that it stays between us.

  • Educate me. I am not stupid, but I am also not an expert in life insurance or retirement planning. For example, don’t just tell me I need more life insurance. Explain why you believe I do. Then tell me how it will benefit my family and me. Finally, tell me why you believe that a particular policy or strategy you recommend is the best choice for my situation.

  • Please don’t tell me what I can afford. That’s my call. I will tell you whether or not something you recommend is affordable. Then I’ll trust you to find something that fits my budget. Fair enough?

  • If we do business together, I expect to hear from you again. Don’t just take the money and run. I want follow-up service.

  • I want a go-to person, someone I can count on for the long term, so I don’t have to shop around for a new agent a year or two from now. That means I need someone I can trust to look after my needs in this area. That way I don’t have to worry about them.

  • Do these things, and there is a good chance I’ll be your loyal customer for a long time. Fair enough?

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Here’s What I Want From My Agent!

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