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NYLIC University

NYLIC University provides learning opportunities in a variety of ways, including distance e-learning, online courses, CD-ROM courses, national centralized training and classroom-style training. NYLIC University offers 29 online courses that qualify for state-approved continuing education credits.

In addition, tuition reimbursement is available for CLU, ChFC, CFP and MSFS, as well as advanced off-site workshops for qualified agents. Special Leaders for Life workshops are offered to established agents to develop advanced skills. Management development is a formal program that helps agents pursue a career in management.

About Agent Development

At present, NYLIC University offers more than 134 modules, a myriad of sales aids, and focused management materials reflecting New York Life's emphasis on sales, recruiting, retention, and the successful development of agents and managers.

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The agent development curriculum describes how to be successful in the sale of our products. Prospective agents are very interested in how they will sell, what they will do, to whom they will sell, and how they will be compensated. NYLIC University is positioned to answer those questions, and many more. In addition, NYLIC University offers Career Development Conference (CDC), which is a sales skills workshop for agents who have been with the Company between six months and 2 years. Agents must qualify to attend this centralized workshop held at the NYLIC University Dallas Campus.

The rewards from attending the NYLIC University may be many and tangible, including consistent improvement in sales and recruiting performance; a wide variety of award programs and incentives; and increased productivity in the agents' professional and personal lives.

Mentoring by MDRT Members

The MDRT Mentoring Program is designed to match highly successful MDRT members with up-and-coming new agents or less-experienced agents who aspire to MDRT membership. MDRT is an international, independent association of the world's best life insurance and financial professionals who have achieved a high standard of sales excellence. The MDRT Mentoring Program is also designed to increase the percentage of new life insurance agents or less-experienced agents who succeed as career agents by helping them earn MDRT qualification on a consistent basis. MDRT membership is encouraged and achieved through the mentoring of aspiring agents by MDRT members. Agency managers also play key roles in actively encouraging, supporting and enrolling MDRT-registered teams.

General Office Leadership Development

The centerpiece of the leadership development system at New York Life Insurance Company is the General Office Leadership Development (GOLD) system. This system is the foundation for the development of managers and agents throughout the New York Life agency system, and reflects the consolidated best practices and processes that have been used successfully by agency managers over the years.

The New York Life management development process is an integrated, system-wide program. Specific management competencies, such as recruiting, supervising and developing are listed in the GOLD system, and managers are evaluated on these competencies in their semi-annual performance reviews.

NYLIC University online management development courses provide training on a wide range of topics for new managers. Four comprehensive courses take a new partner from management orientation to fundamental, intermediate and advanced topics. Each of these courses is designed with action plans, follow-up activities and checklists to help the managing partner monitor and coach the new partner.

Supplementing the course materials are four levels of management schools plus an on-going continuing educational program. The schools included the Partners Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced Schools, and the Home Office School. In addition to professional Home Office facilitators, guest faculty for each school includes a zone officer and a leading managing partner and senior partner. These leaders help reinforce the sharing of best practices and ensure the consistency and credibility of messages throughout the training process.

The continuing education program for managing partners and senior partners is called the Management Leadership Series and is designed to share best practices with field leaders who have already attended the Home Office school. In this program New York Life provides an opportunity for industry experts, consultants and senior officers to share their wisdom and best practices on all aspects of successfully running a general office.

New York Life is a major supporter of The American College. The American College is devoted to professional development. Partners are assessed annually on their progress toward a professional designation offered by The American College. New York Life reimburses all agents and managers for successful completion of specific courses toward professional designation such as Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) or Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).

Learning Management System

NYLIC University Online Campus is New York Life's Learning Management System designed for our field managers and agents. It is available 24/7 from any Internet connection either within or outside our company Intranet. NYLIC University Online allows us to provide a "blended learning" approach for agents and managers.

As soon as agents are hired, they are introduced to NYLIC University Online, as they are required to complete an Ethics online exam. All new agents are required to attend classroom instruction, as well as complete related online course. Newly hired managers are also required to complete online courses and complete assessments. Students are able to register online to attend NYLIC University offsite training workshops.

Our site provides easy access to a complete curriculum, which allows the students to have more control over their learning experiences.

NYLIC University Online provides just-in-time learning, enabling our agents and managers immediate access to information. This ability allows them to perform in a more effective and efficient manner.

Our Learning Management System allows our team to create online courses integrating graphics and audio for a more effective learning experience. We provide monthly virtual classroom sessions to our managers in the field and archive those sessions for future viewing. We are able to track a student's training history via several different reports.

NYLIC University Online includes a site map, which makes it easy to understand the infrastructure of the site. We have also incorporated Google's search engine, which allows the student to find topics, documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc., providing informational material in a dynamic e-learning environment. We are currently exploring the possibility of linking students to online mentors and coaches. In addition, we are looking into the development of curriculum road maps for experienced agents. This feature will enable them to complete courses that are more appropriate for their experience level.

Commitment to Diversity

New York Life has embraced diversity as a corporate business value. As such, diversity training is included in all national schools for managers and agents, and it is integrated in all materials included in NYLIC University.

In 2006, a number of leading publications and organizations praised New York Life for its deep unwavering commitment to diversity.

The Future of NYLIC University

In the future, we will see even more education and training offered through our Web-based platform, including online-moderated courses similar to the courses that are offered through Universities online. A moderator would have a class of 20 and the course would require weekly readings, weekly action projects that are reported via the Web, and other assignments. The moderators would be available in a chat room at specific hours during the week and synchronous online classes may also be arranged.

Today, simulation training, conducted at the Dallas Campus, is used in a course for prospective managers. They are placed in the position of being offered the opportunity to lead a new General Office and the manager has to role play his interactions with his new staff and set an action plan for first day, week, and month in the office. Online simulations are being planned for the future as well as for both agents and managers.


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