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Work/Life Programs and Services

New York Life's dual objectives are to become the Company of Choice for our customers and the Employer of Choice for our employees. A talented and dedicated work force is the advantage we need to stay ahead of our competition. As the American work force becomes more diversified, various issues such as childcare and eldercare will play an important part in almost every employee's performance. For our people to be productive and fulfilled, the work environment must be designed so they can manage both their personal and professional lives.

Our Work/Life programs help employees balance their career, personal, and family responsibilities. We offer a variety of childcare and eldercare services, as well as flexible work arrangements, where appropriate, to help meet our employees' changing needs.

We know which programs benefit our employees the most because we ask. We have surveyed all of our employees about their Work/Life needs. The results gave us the foundation to enhance existing programs and introduce new ones as well. Work/Life at New York Life is an evolving program — designed to grow as our employees grow, changing with them as their careers and lives change.

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Work/Life Programs and Services

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