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New Career Training for Older Women:
Becoming an Agent

Imagine new career training for older women.

Hmmmm. You clicked on this page because… why? Is it because you're frustrated? Fed up? Maybe you're just getting tired of trying to ignore that restless, nagging inner voice, the one that keeps reminding you that work shouldn't always feel like …well, like work.

Or maybe you're just curious if there really is a better way.

Imagine. Wouldn't it be fabulous to have a new career, one that sparks that old fire of excitement? One that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? One that gives you control over your own life…heck, that just let's you have a life?

Go ahead. Imagine a new career – not just a job, but a career, a profession – that gives you the freedom to set your own hours. Imagine a new career that enables you to make a positive difference in other people's lives while making a good living for yourself. And imagine a new career working with a company that is reliable and supportive of women and that rewards achievement on an equal, level playing (and paying) field.

And maybe you’re back into the workforce after a lot of years raising a family. Or you are widowed or divorced after decades being a homemaker. So, imagine working with a company sensitive to the need for new career training.

If you can imagine that, then maybe it's time to imagine a career as an agent with New York Life. A lot of us have.

How about you? Go ahead. Imagine a career that provides…

Control of your time and your life. Do you want the freedom to set your own schedule and work your own hours?
For many women with New York Life today, this was a primary attraction — being able to get home before the kids get out of school; taking time for that after-school soccer game or recital; not needing a doctor's note for a personal day now and then; and, yes, being able to put in those extra long weeks when they chose to help assure a secure life for their families and themselves.

Opportunity to help others. Do you like people? More to the point, do you enjoy helping them?
Ours is a people business. New York Life agents work with clients every day. Our role is to help them reduce the risks in their lives and achieve their goals. We help individuals and families map out strategies for sending their children to college. We show men and women how to protect their families if they die prematurely and ways to help achieve financial independence if they live to a ripe old age. We make a difference every day with our clients.

Opportunity to help yourself. Do you like to work and expect to be paid fairly?
Make no mistake about it. This can be a tough and challenging career. It isn't for everyone. However, for those who qualify and are willing to invest in themselves and commit to career training and lots of hard work, the rewards can be bountiful, potentially unlimited.

Just as important, New York Life agents are paid on a commission schedule that is the same for everyone. No income ceilings here. What we earn is based on our willingness to work hard and keep learning. Our income is in direct proportion to our individual efforts and experience. No one can give us a raise or deny us a raise. It's up to us.

Education and support. Do you believe that learning lasts a lifetime and personal growth should never stop?
This is a profession that offers the opportunity for new career training, as well as ongoing education and development. If you meet the qualifications to become a New York Life agent, you will receive extensive training at no cost. In this respect, while you are an entrepreneur in business for yourself, you are not expected to get by on your own. You will receive the ongoing support of a company that has been doing business for more than 160 years.

Respect and trust. Would you like to work with a company you can trust and with people who treat you with respect?
New York Life is one of the oldest, most reputable life insurance companies in the world. It is an equal opportunity employer, as well as a pioneer in hiring and providing new career training for women, whether they’re right out of college or older women re-entering looking for a new niche in the job market. Our goal is simple – to attract men and women with strong success potential and then to provide the support, training and mentoring to help them achieve that potential.

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New Career Training for Older Women:
Becoming an Agent

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