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Educate My Children

Educate My Children

Educate My Children

Our New York Life policyholders have prepared for their futures. Through real-life videos, they share how they have used life insurance as a resource for estate planning. Our agents have worked closely with thousands of families, like Tom and Joey Lane, pictured in the latest featured video below, to take control and manage for the road ahead.

Just as the Lanes have done in their own life, you, too, can help prepare for your children's future with Educate My Children — a guide for understanding how to plan and plot the next steps in the lives of your loved ones. Topics in this section include: educational and life insurance planning and other financial strategies. There also are useful life tools, from college-planning calculators to life insurance quizzes that can aid you in deciding what those next steps may be for your kids.



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Educate My Children

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