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Manage My Finances

Manage my Finances

Manage My Finances

Sometimes the most important pieces of paper get buried in the rush of things that need to get done. There never seems to be enough time to organize all those bills, policies, medical records, financial information and important reports. When you’re in the midst of life, the phone rings, the papers fall to the floor and the dog eats your bank statement, you need some tool to help you out. No one answer is right for everyone, but New York Life offers the LifeFolio System, your lifetime financial organizer, to help you organize your important information and keep some of that stress out of your life.

New York Life has a financial checklist and filing system that not only helps you organize what you have — it helps you identify what you may need down the road. It’s called the LifeFolio System: Your Lifetime Financial Organizer. At no charge to you, a New York Life agent — professionally trained and experienced — can help you get on the road to financial organization and also assist you in analyzing your needs and recommending appropriate solutions through insurance and financial products and concepts. Request a no obligation review with a New York Life agent.



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Manage My Finances

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