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New York Life's Child Safety & Protection Festival

For 165 years, New York Life has been committed to making a difference in communities across the country. Since protecting families is at the heart of what we do, hosting a Child Safety & Protection Festival where all children receive a FREE Child ID* is just another way New York Life is serving the needs of local families. New York Life cares about more than just your financial well-being – we also care about your safety. That’s why our local offices are partnering with community businesses and organizations across the country to celebrate and promote child safety. Together we’re here to help you give your family the gift of protection.

The Child IDs include your child’s photo, digitally-scanned fingerprints, and emergency contact information. The ID is designed to be distributed to members of the family and placed in your wallet and in an easy to find place in your home to locate should your child go missing.

Over the last 3 years, New York Life has held hundreds of Child Safety events in local communities nationwide. We are pleased that so many families are taking advantage of this family-friendly event which helps parents and children learn how to stay safe in the home, at play, or wherever they happen to be in our community.

Contact your local New York Life office to see when you can attend the next Child ID event.

*Children must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian to receive an ID.


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New York Life's Child Safety & Protection Festival

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