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One way to help manage stress and anxiety is to stay organized. We know, easier said than done. But it’s true what mom said, “Clean your room and you’ll feel better.” Whether you need a bandage or a bank statement, knowing where to find your stuff when you need it is a huge stress reliever.

The same goes for your personal finances. It's one thing to have a Life Insurance policy and a Will, but quite another to know where to find the paperwork should an emergency arise.

Ok, so you don’t have time to file all your paperwork. The reality is getting your financial life organized may take a lot less time than you think — if you have the right tools. New York Life has a financial filing system you can handle. It’s called the LifeFolio System — Your Lifetime Financial Organizer.

The LifeFolio Kit contains 24 pre-labeled dividers, a personal document checklist, a guide to getting organized and a brochure entitled "A Death in the Family," outlining all the steps you need to take when a death occurs. LifeFolio not only helps you organize what you have — it helps you identify what you may need down the road.

So how can you get a free LifeFolio kit? You can obtain a LifeFolio Checklist by simply calling a New York Life agent and requesting one. You'll receive the entire kit when you meet with an agent for a free consultation. Don’t wait any longer. That stack of important papers is getting higher! Get LifeFolio and get organized.

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