Becoming a New York Life Sales Agent

Becoming a New York Life Sales Agent

By becoming a sales agent at New York Life, you'll help families achieve the financial security they need and desire. You'll also make a significant contribution to your community — and when you see the difference that can make, it's more fulfilling than you might imagine.

Unlimited Income Potential

When you become a sales agent, you have the ability to set your own pace and establish your own income objectives. As a New York Life agent, you are the master of your career path.

Generous Benefits Package

Not only do we boast an outstanding incentive commission program, we also offer excellent medical and dental benefits for which you and your family may qualify. We even offer company reimbursement for selected programs leading to industry designations and degrees.

Comprehensive Sales Training Program

At New York Life, we take your sales training seriously. Even if you don't have previous experience in selling, our multi-dimensional training program — NYLIC University — can point you to success. We'll also keep you informed about the most sophisticated computer equipment and software packages.

Continuous Support from a Staff of Sales Experts

Even after you are established in your career, New York Life offers ongoing work shops and programs to improve your knowledge of the business. Full time management personnel and professional trainers are there for your support in each of our local offices. We think it's a wise investment in your future — and ours.

Full Range of Products and Services

With the variety of insurance and financial products offered by New York Life and its subsidiaries, you'll be able to help your clients meet any number of insurance and financial goals. To give you the competitive edge, we're constantly developing new products that satisfy the changing needs of our clients.

Opportunities in Management

After serving as a sales agent for at least two years, you may even qualify to enter management. A New York Life agent has more career choices than you can imagine.

It's an opportunity to be in business for yourself — but never by yourself.

Sales Opportunities for Women

At New York Life, we want to be viewed nationally and globally as the number one company of choice for women who seek life insurance careers. Women who have built sales and management careers with New York Life enjoy unlimited income potential while having the security of a competitive benefits package. They take pride in the knowledge that they are helping others achieve financial security, all the while maintaining a satisfying work/life balance for themselves.

About New York Life

The tradition of conservative management practices and the ability to meet customer need has built a company that people can trust with their finances and their futures. For these and many more reasons, New York Life was once again named one of the most admired companies in America in Fortune Magazine's survey.

New York Life is completely dedicated to maintaining its position as both a leader among insurance companies and a major force in the financial services industry. By staying true to the principles of prudent expansion, conservative growth, full service and, above all, a strong field force, New York Life will maintain and enhance its reputation as "The Company You Keep".

What You Will Do

In considering any career change, many questions may arise, such as: What will be my responsibilities? How will I be trained? How will I be compensated? The answers to these questions depend on many factors. When you sell insurance or financial services, you're not merely selling products, you're developing relationships. Your relationship with your customers, as well as the trust they place both in you and in the products you offer, are critical components to your ultimate success. Agents provide very intimate services in the insurance and financial services marketplace. They meet with and know their clients on a personal level. The responsibilities of an agent include: contacting new people, meeting with them and fact-finding to gather necessary information regarding their present situation, providing analysis of situations and, ultimately, presenting solutions that help meet objectives.

Sales Training and Career Development

If you are selected to join New York Life, you'll make a commitment to the Company, but the Company will also make a commitment to you. With New York Life, you embark on a lifetime of learning and professional development through comprehensive training in insurance and financial services.

Professional development occurs through NYLIC University. It's a program designed to train and develop agents throughout their sales careers. The first phase is Career Development School, during which you'll begin the process of getting your insurance licenses. You'll receive a full introduction to products and selling skills, including how to develop your client base.

After an initial six months of sales training, you'll spend two years in the Associate Program, an intensive experience that's focused on life insurance marketing, product selling, and technical knowledge. Upon completion, you'll be on your way to developing expertise in a selected area in the workplace or in the personal market, addressing individual needs.

The next level of NYLIC University is the School of Professional Development, which offers specialized courses combining class instruction with self-study. New York Life strongly encourages its agents to make a commitment to lifetime learning. For this reason the Company provides tuition reimbursement to Agents and Registered Representatives upon completion of certain industry courses.

As your sales career develops, you may wish to move into management. The Company is structured to support you in reaching this goal. Many of today's senior executives began their careers as sales agents in the field.

Interested in New York Life Sales Careers?

Become a Sales Agent - Contact a Recruiting Manager If you have not already been in contact with a New York Life recruiter and are interested in joining the New York Life team as a sales agent, please click on the appropriate link below.

If you are a licensed agent, please apply here.

If you are not yet licensed, please complete a brief aptitude questionnaire. (Please note: If you have been in contact with a New York Life recruiter please follow up with them directly and do not complete the questionnaire through this link.)

Note: To be eligible, you must be a resident of the United States, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, India, and Hong Kong.


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Becoming a New York Life Sales Agent

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