Grieving children need special care and support.

New York Life Foundation

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Message from Ted Mathas

Since the very beginning, New York Life’s first and foremost purpose has been to help people achieve a better, more secure future for themselves and their families. The mission of the New York Life Foundation is a natural outgrowth of our value of humanity - one of our defining characteristics as a company.

Through the insurance and investment products that we offer, we have helped families; businesses and communities weave a financial safety net that prepares them for life’s unexpected downturns. And, through the work of the New York Life Foundation, we are supporting organizations that serve and protect disadvantaged children and youth.

The New York Life Foundation, since its inception, has awarded more than $140 million to nonprofit organizations. I am proud to say that we do not just commit dollars; we also commit ourselves to making a difference. On any given day, in communities large and small, you can find New York Life employees, agents and retirees mentoring children, collecting food and clothing for homeless shelters and helping to beautify parks and playgrounds in neglected neighborhoods.

We firmly believe there are few things in life more rewarding than the selfless gifts we bestow upon others. That is why our customers provide their families the peace of mind that comes with financial protection. And that is why we stand by our promise to be there for those whose lives can be made better with our help.

I thank you for your interest in the New York Life Foundation and our community involvement programs.

Ted Mathas
Chairman, President and CEO
New York Life

Message from Chris Park

Hello! I am so pleased to be able to share with you an overview of the New York Life Foundation and Corporate Responsibility programs.

We continue to partner with nonprofit organizations in New York City and other areas where New York Life employees, agents and retirees live and work. Our primary focus continues to be on providing support for organizations that help young people through educational enhancement and childhood bereavement.

By helping young people cope with losing a parent, caregiver or sibling we are responding to the emotional needs of children affected by the loss of a loved one. At New York Life we are pleased to be able to provide resources for kids who might otherwise feel alone and lost as they navigate through their grief and for parents and other adults who interact with children who are grieving.

I am also happy to announce the doubling of the size of our Volunteers for Life employee volunteer program. We are committed to support our employees, agents and retirees as they “give back” to their communities. The time and talent our colleagues contribute demonstrates our commitment to humanity, one of New York Life’s enduring values.

Chris Park
New York Life Foundation

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