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Featured New York Life Insurance Agent: Gyaneshwar Prasad

Featured New York Life Insurance Agent: Gyaneshwar Prasad

Featured New York Life Insurance Agent:
Gyaneshwar Prasad

  • A New York Life Insurance Agent for: 24 years
  • Primarily serves the Asian-Indian community
  • Former college professor

New York Life Insurance Agent Gyaneshwar Prasad, Queens, New York Office, understands the challenges faced by those who come to the United States seeking opportunity. After careers in his native India as a college professor and then in marketing of fine chemicals, he came to the U.S. at age 43 with his wife and three children.

Prasad recalls, “I got a call one day from a client of mine. He said, ‘My nephew has come from India, and I want to see that he purchases some Life insurance.’ So, I went to see them to discuss his options. At 37-years-old and with very little education, the nephew had extremely limited options for employment. He was working for a pizza factory and earning very little income. But he was trying to make a better life for himself and was sending his earnings to his wife and son, back home in India.

“ In the United States,” Prasad says, “you can achieve anything.”

“I advised him that he should purchase a policy for at least $25,000, but he shook his head and said, ‘I can’t afford insurance on my salary,’” continues Prasad. “I told him, ‘You really should consider a small policy to protect your family back home. What if something should happen to you so far away? Who would take care of your wife and son?’ His uncle even offered to pay the premium if he couldn’t; he then realized how important it was. Eventually, the young man decided to purchase the $25,000 policy and, despite his financial hardships, paid the premiums.”

Prasad says, “One year and seven months later, my client’s aunt called me, sounded quite nervous, and asked if his policy was still in force. He had died the night before in an awful accident. He was walking down the steps to his basement, fell, and hit his head on some hard object.”

Thankfully, he had purchased that Life policy so that his family, far away in India, would be all right. “In India,” says Prasad, “$25,000 in U.S. dollars is roughly equivalent to 1,250,000 rupees — a great deal of money for some. My client’s family raised $5,000 more and deposited it into an account for his wife and son. The boy was able to get a good education and now, he’s in New York finishing it up.”

“I met his son a while back. His grand-uncle came up to me at a function and introduced him, saying, ‘Do you know who this boy is? I felt great!” states Prasad, happily. “That $25,000 protected the entire family and ensured that that boy could carry on his father’s wish for a better life.”

Gyaneshwar Prasad has been a New York Life Agent for 24 years and primarily serves the Asian-Indian Market. A father of three, he came to the United States at age 43 seeking opportunity for both himself and his family. One of the greatest achievements, he feels, was that all three of his children were able to obtain a “top-notch education in the U.S.”

“ In the United States,” Prasad says, “you can achieve anything.”

An avid gardener, Prasad enjoys working in his garden this spring with his young granddaughter.

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Featured New York Life Insurance Agent: Gyaneshwar Prasad

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