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How did you get started in this business?
If you were selling your business today, how much would you ask for it?
Events That Affect Your Business

When you retire, what will you do with your business?
Sell it to a family member? Sell it to an outsider?
Gift it to a family member? Close your business?
Sell it to a key employee?
When you retire, where will your retirement income come from?
Pension? Sale of your business?
Personal savings? Have not thought about it.
What percent of your total estate is made up by your business?
1/3 or less? 1/2 or more?
In the event of your premature death what would happen to your business?
Would it have to be sold? Would it have to be close?
I'm not sure!
In the event you became disabled what would happen to your business?
Would you have to sell it? Continue?

For how long?

Would you have to close it?
Not sure?
If you became disabled what would happen to your personal income?
Stop? Continue?

For how long?

Paid by?
Information About Your Employees

How many employees do you have?
If any employees are key to your business, how many?
Do you have any supplemental programs to help retain "key" employees, such as Executive Bonus, Non-qualified Deferred Compensation, Salary Continuation?
Yes No
If you are hiring any additional employees in the next six months, how many?
What is your turnover rate?
Benefit Programs For Your Employees

Do you have a group health plan?
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HMO/PPO Major Med Dental Life DI
Percentage of premiums paid by the business:
Are you satisfied?
Yes No
Renewal date?
Do you have any qualified or voluntary payroll deduction plans?
Yes No
If Yes, explain
If you were to increase or provide additional benefits who would you want to benefit most?
Owner-employees Non-owner employees
With that in mind, pick two of the three items listed below that are most important to you:
Tax deductible to the business Not currently taxable as income
Pick and choose who benefits
Is providing added value programs important to you?
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Business Strategies Personal Agent Match

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