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    Long-Term Care Insurance From New York Life Insurance Company

  • LTCi from New York Life Insurance Co.

    Now more than ever before, it makes sense to help protect your assets and your retirement plan with long-term care insurance from a trusted and stable provider. Consult one of our agents today.

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Long Term Care Insurance - Florida

New York Life Insurance Company

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Find out how long-term care insurance can help add to your plan.

Long-Term Care Insurance 101

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New York Life Cost of Long-Term Care Survey

Tax Incentives and Long-Term Care Insurance

State Partnerships

LTCi: Key Articles

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The purpose of this material is solicitation of insurance. An insurance agent may contact you. Long-term care insurance policies are issued on policy form series ILTC- 5000 and INH-5000 with a state identifier where applicable and edition date. These policies may have exclusions and limitations.