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It comes down to one word: trust.

When you’re preparing for the future, it’s important to know you’re working with people who have a proven record of being there when they’re needed most. New York Life’s guiding principles, strong surplus, commitment to mutuality, and career Agents have served policyholders well for nearly 170 years.

Our success is built on relationships that last a lifetime. That’s why we are always looking ahead and making decisions and investments that are built for long–term performance rather than short–term gain.

Financial strength, integrity, humanity: timeless principles for today and tomorrow. Strength and agility: nice to have in your corner.

Agents who are here to help.

Working with a New York Life Agent gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs and concerns with someone who values you as a person, not just a phone call or policy/account number. Our Agents build relationships, often spanning decades and even generations. They’re more than just highly trained financial professionals; they’re local business leaders, volunteers, coaches, and neighbors, just like you. It’s this connection to their communities that is the key to their success.

Mutuality makes all the difference.

As a mutual company, New York Life issues no stock, and is not beholden to stockholders or outside investors. Mutuality means that the only constituency we serve is you. This gives us the freedom to focus on the longstanding needs of our policyholders rather than the often shortsighted demands of Wall Street.

Another feature of mutuality is our ability to pay dividends. In 2014, our dividend payout to participating policyholders will rise by 8% for the second consecutive year—a $109 million increase over the previous year, for a total payout of $1.43 billion.

For 160 consecutive years, New York Life has paid dividends to participating policyholders.

Taking responsibility for our communities.

Whether it’s providing relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy or helping grieving children recover, few things are more important than giving—financial support or volunteer time—to make our communities stronger and better places to live.

Since its inception, the New York Life Foundation has awarded nearly $185 million to charities and causes that share our commitment to building a better tomorrow. Together, the efforts of the Foundation and our Corporate Responsibility department are centered on a simple theme: making good happen.

“...the efforts are centered on a simple theme: making good happen.”