Employee Resource Groups.

New York Life is proud to support its Employee Resource Groups. These groups aim to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion and to promote a sense of collaboration in the community.

The African American ERG provides employees with opportunities to develop personally and professionally. It is committed to providing resources that build and foster strong partnerships and further the company’s diversity efforts.

The Asian Network Group seeks to enhance awareness and understanding of Asian cultures to attract, develop, and retain talented employees. It achieves its goals by providing an informal communications network between members and company management.

ENABLE seeks to actively promote disability-focused awareness in the workplace through partnerships, education, and innovative thinking, while fostering an inclusive environment in which to express affiliation and collaborate on issues related to disability and accommodation.

The Latino ERG promotes networking sessions to help strengthen business relationships and partnerships among employees. It also holds seminars and workshops that provide useful information and mentoring efforts that provide positive guidance.

NYLPride seeks to nurture a diverse, open work culture where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees can maximize their professional growth. It also seeks to foster awareness and help employees develop strong relationships within the organization.

NYL-Vets provides mentorship, professional development and networking opportunities for employees who are veterans and those who support our armed forces. It also seeks to assist New York Life in becoming a magnet for talented individuals with prior military service.

The Women’s Initiative was launched in 2003 to challenge motivated individuals to enhance their career development and leadership skills. It hosts speaking events, seminars, and roundtables on topics such as motivation, financial responsibility, women’s health, and presentation skills.


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